Projects and Activities

Cryptographic Aspects of DRM

Funded by the National Science Foundation. We study broadcast encryption, traitor tracing, privacy primitives and other aspects of digital content distribution systems. For more information click here. Contact people Aggelos Kiayias, Serdar Pehlivanoglu and Hong Sheng Zhou.


Adder is a secure electronic voting system being actively developed by Aggelos Kiayias, Michael Korman, and David Walluck. You can find more information at the Adder Site.

Botnet Detection and Mitigation

We are working on a system that employs data-mining and correlation methods to discover botnet activity in network traffic. More information will be available in our web-site soon. Funding from the Department of Homeland Security. Conect people: Aggelos Kiayias, David Walluck and Justin Neumann.

Universal Composition of Cryptographic Protocols

We are working on designing protocols in the universal composition framework as well as understanding better simulation based formulations of security of cryptographic primitives. Contact people Aggelos Kiayias and Hong-Sheng Zhou.

Virtual Machines and Malware Investigation

We are creating a network of virtual machines to investigate bot and other malware behavior in a sandboxed environment. Contact people: Aggelos Kiayias and Justin Neumann.


EAP-E-Coin is a system for performing wireless WLAN authentication using anonymous electronic cash. It was developed in conjunction with NIST Computer Security Division. Contact people: Aggelos Kiayias, Michael Korman, and David Walluck.

Computer Security Classroom Support

Various projects have been developed as part of Professor Kiayias' CSE 281: Computer Security course. Contact people: Aggelos Kiayias and David Walluck.

Conference Hosting

The CryptoDRM lab has hosted the submission and reviewing server for a number of international conferences: